Common Diet Myths Debunked

Almost all women seek for effective methods of losing extra pounds. We should admit that not only fat but rather thin women desire to get rid of some calories. They give a try to various types of diets and lose the elasticity of the skin. They end up with spoiled teeth and hair loss as well as problems with stomach. However, women don’t cease to experiment with different diets until they get the desired weight. Dietitians can’t provide fantastic results for all women. Some of them may lose weight with the recommended diets, while others may fail. Thus, it becomes essential to create an individual diet, which will enhance the calorie loss. Never stick to diets, which are considered a myth and cause damage to your body and health. Here are common diet myths debunked.

1. Starvation is a Key to Weight Loss

Plisetskaya may be a great inspiration with her ideal body form, achieved due to the splendid diet. She claims that starvation is not the best solution though it may cause evident loss in calories. However, you should admit that your body won’t get enough protein and vitamins. There will be deficiency of fats, which may lead to the destruction of liver and kidney. Starvation will completely damage your health. Dietitians find out that starvation is the enemy of fat women, as it will cause bulimia attacks.

2. Eating Less is a Key to Weight Loss

Diminishing the number of foods is one of the common diet myths to break. It will give the reverse result and make you eat even more. Less eating affects the digestive organs and gives rise to bulimia. Dietitians prove that taking a break when eating and reaching for tiny portions makes your body feel full.
Thus, you should never lessen the amount of foods you eat daily. Instead, you should opt for frequent eating and enjoy it slowly. Leave the nutrition-high food for dinner, and refuse eating it in the evening, as it will make you lose weight. People dealing with gastrointestinal tract disease should give a try to this efficient method.

3. Separation of Food is a Key to Weight Loss

It’s a diet myth to separate protein-rich foods from those high in carbs. It is a misconception that when carb and protein-rich foods get into the stomach together, unpleasant processes take place, such as fermentation, which definitely affect the digestion and lead to extra calories. However, it this theory is proved to be a real myth and instead of skipping the combination of fats and carbs, you should pay attention to the amount and they won’t cause any damage to your health.

4. Protein Diet is a Key to Weight Loss

‘Kremlin’ and ‘Dukan Diet’ are among the protein diets, which require a strict limitation of foods, packed with carbs. The chances of losing extra pounds are on a high level. Though protein-rich foods are efficient for the body, you should never overuse them, as too much protein is a great enemy, if you deal with liver and kidney problems. In case you stick to the protein diet, you will feel tired as well as headaches. Moreover, much ketone will be produced if you keep a protein diet for a long time, which will lead to halitosis.

5. Skipping Foods after Six is a Key to Weight Loss

It is believed that you are allowed to enjoy all types of foods in the morning while in the evening you should skip eating anything in order to lose weight. However, you should bear in your mind that eating light foods like fruits and salads for supper is a must. You should only skip applying sweets in the evening, but if you crave for something with a sweet taste, you may opt for honey or eat dark chocolate.

6. Monodiet is a Key to Weight Loss

There are numerous foods which come to create a monodiet. Here we can mention buckwheat or rice, as well as chocolate or banana. You will instantly notice weight loss. However, you should be aware that instead of losing calories, you get rid of water or tissue of muscles. The protein will disappear from your body, the mind and the nervous system will exposed to suffering. Monodiets may give rise to such health problems as diabetes or anemia. Dietitians allow you to go for monodiets with apple and kefir, each day changing their consistency. Never stick to the same product for a long time, as you will face lack of vitamins and healthy minerals.

7. Fat is Harmful for Your Body Weight

When craving for a slim body, you skip using fat-rich foods. However, it is one of the common diet myths debunked. Experts strongly recommend applying fats in your daily diet plan, as fats enhance the absorption of vitamins. The deficiency of fats may lead to skin dryness and may cause it age early, fiving rise to unpleasant wrinkles. You are only advised to stay away from trans fats, which are high in margarine. Instead, you should opt for butter as well as olive oil.

8. Replace Animal Foods with Plant Foods

Everyone knows that fruits and veggies are among the low calorie foods. Thus, women desiring to lose extra weight, substitute bread and butter for veggies. It’s proved that foods and vegetables are packed with vitamins essential for our body. However, you should never stick to diets, including only fruits, as you will face health problems. Thus, it’s a must to include dairy in your diet.

9. Eating is a Key to Weight Loss

It is a myth that eating may lead to weight loss. People believe that pineapple and grapefruit may help you lose weight, but we should mention that there are no foods with such properties. Never opt for pineapple to digest the cake.
After revealing these common diet myths for you, try to avoid them and lose pounds with other effective diets and exercises, recommended by specialists.