Cute Valentine’s Day Simple Nail Ideas

This Valentine’s Day you can really accentuate your beauty by taking advantage of unique and interesting nails. Once you’ve picked out the perfect outfit, spent the time putting your hair and makeup together, you’ll definitely want to complete your look by choosing adorable nail designs that are sure to make an impression. Whether you’re going out with a significant other or not, it’s a great way to celebrate the holiday.

Hearts and Bows

The number one way to take advantage of quintessential Valentine’s Day nails is to add bows and hearts to your design. You can either buy individual pieces of nail art jewelry or you can hand paint them on your nails. They’re fashionable, cute, and will add an appeal to your nails that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a regular color. You can either apply the hearts and/or bows to every nail or you can designate a single nail to be an accent design.

Choosing the Colors

When it comes to picking colors for your Valentine’s Day nails, the options are relatively endless. You can stick to the typical favorite colors such as reds and pinks or you can choose unique colors such as nudes to add a more high fashion appeal to your overall look. The best part is that even if you choose black as your base color, you can use whites, pinks, and reds as accent colors to grasp the spirit of the holiday.

Professional Airbrushing

If you’re not the type of girl to spend a lot of time doing your nails for Valentine’s Day you can always visit a professional nail technician and get airbrushing. With airbrushing the technician will apply a stencil to your nail and then use an airbrush to apply a certain color. This works best with false nails and acrylics as there’s more surface area to cover with various types of airbrushing techniques. Whether you want to have a design applied or if you are going for a gradient texture, the options are endless.

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Not only are shiny nails beautiful but they are also phenomenal for low light occasions, especially if you’re going out to dinner, the same applies for sparkles. You can buy a bottle of red, gold, white, or pink sparkles and apply them to any base color to add a shine to your nails. It will give your design much more depth than if you were to rely on a single color.