Cute Winter Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

A cute manicure is really powerful. And with the coming winter months a proper one will not only give you a holiday spirit but it will add vivacity to the dull and cloudy days. The snowy season is the best time to burst out the white shimmers. But the great adventure of the cute winter nail art is the fact that any shade will be perfect.

Jewel and blue shades, as well as foils are great for this winter. And in case you skip wearing dark shades on your nails, which have much in common with the cold and dull winter days, experiment with pastel hues. If you desire to be a bit bold with your nail polish, have a look at these cute winter nail art ideas from Instagram.

Instagram provides a great variety of fabulous manicures for winter but we have tried to post the best ones for you. No matter whether you are skilled or just a beginner, you may rock sweater-resembling nail art or frosty designs quite easily.

Easy Nail Art Ideas

1.  Get your inspiration from sweater-resembling nails, which is quite easy to rock if you have nail wraps at your hand. They will make the application easier for the beginners. It’s one of the cute winter nail art ideas from Instagram.

2.  Provide your nails with a frosty touch, adding snowflakes on the base mani. Embellish the blue base with snowflakes either in white or silver shades and create a gorgeous nail art look for winter.

3.  Make your nails correspond to the winter season and paint them in a white nail polish and add snowy glitter.

Nail Art Ideas with Medium Difficulty

4.  Instagram offers you one of the cute winter nail art ideas. Create a gorgeous ombre with a blue nail polish and embellish it with white snowflakes either stamped or drawn with hand.

5.  To get a frosty nail art design for this winter, just add glitter in a white shade on your nails strategically and accentuate the ring fingers with pearls.

6.  Create a niveous base by going for a classic French mani and feel a winter vibe on your nails. To complete the cute look, accentuate the tips with glitter and draw a tiny snowman on the ring finger.

Difficult Nail Art Idea

7.  If you are for a more complicated nail art idea and want to spend more time on decorating your nails for winter, go for a sweater-resembling design, paired with patterns and dots. To create this cute nail art design, take a dotting tool and a brush to create thin stripes.

8.  Cover your wintery ombre nails with snowflake shimmer and accent one of the fingers with a cool penguin.

9.  Achieve a festive look by drawing snowflakes as well as snowmen on your nails. Moreover, these snowmen won’t become liquid.

Make your nails look appropriate for winter and embellish them with any of these cute winter nail art ideas taken from Instagram.

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