Give Your Awesome Manicure Some Christmas Spirit

Christmas spirit has conquered the world for the last few days! It is on the shop windows, in the sparkling festive views from people`s homes and even in fashion. Indeed, it has become quite popular and even traditional to get dressed and have makeup in an entirely oriented to the magical Christmas spirit style. So, if you love this idea, consider having an original, emblematic and long-lasting manicure with Christmas themes. Check out our ideas to get inspired and make photos or download the pictures to show them to your manicurist as models! Let`s get started!

1. Decorate your nails with the charm of Christmas tree!

This idea is super cute and extra symbolic. The green nuances will add some cheerful mood to your appearance. The tree twigs and the awesome Christmas decors on your nails will match the overall mood around you and meanwhile you will get the attention on your look by all means.

Make sure the nail polishes are long-lasting enough, because saving this manicure for the New Year`s Party with friends could be a superb idea, couldn’t it?

2. Happy Red Christmas!

Red colour is the symbol of the Christmas holiday and adding it to your manicure in festive way is also not a bad suggestion at all. You can have some thematic drawings on a simple red background – with golden and white nuances – or you can have entire “screenshots” from Christmas right on your manicure.

Use the awesome Christmas symbols such as dwarfs, Santa Clause, the Christmas deer, packed gifts with shimmering coloured paper and etc.

3. And why not having some Christmas-spirited snow decoration on your manicure?

To have such a manicure, consider drawings with snowflakes or have sweet Snowmen on your nails. Combine the white and blue nuances with balance and give some additional shades like golden, green and yellow special role for making an accent with festive charm!

Use white, red and blue as backgrounds and do not be scared to have shimmering radiance and lustres on your nails. The merrier, the better! It`s Christmas after all. And it is the best and the most perfect moment to add more colours to your nails finally.

Leave the neutral and earthy tones for the office and the daily routines… It`s time for more colour and glitter!

4. Christmas abstraction for an extra unique manicure

Some of you might think that all of these deer, Santa Clause`s hats, snowmen, snowflakes and Christmas trees are too childish to become parts of feminine and elegant appearance.

Special Christmas events and exquisite outfits are indeed not very suitable for such manicures. Though, you can still display the Christmas thematic on your manicure, but in a more abstract way!

Draw signs of Christmas or use this holiday shades like green, white, golden and red to show your personal attitude towards the festive mood originally, but in great balance with your smart or extra elegant look!

Happy Christmas to all of you and stay in touch with us with other awesome ideas for festive look!