Holiday Makeup With False Eyelashes


When the holidays roll around you really want to get your sparkle on and glam up! There is no better way to put your glam-fab look on than to add some falsies (eyelashes that is). False eyelashes do a few different things for your look because they give your eyes that wide open look , add some pizzazz to your flirtatious flutter and add some Hollywood glamour!

The bigger and fatter your eyelashes are the more your eyes will pop! They will be the center of your makeup look. Your eyelashes are the key to a flirty look. Long sweeping eyelashes that flutter with every blink will sure to be a hit any holiday gathering. False eyelashes are just as glamorous as you can get. Out with the old and in with the new!

The old way of standing in front of the mirror with mouth open while you do your best to make your eyelashes unforgettable is over. You can choose from a full range of false eyelashes that can add some major wow to your makeup without having to stand there applying coat after coat of messy mascara. Just think no clumps!

Pair Them Up

You can wear false eyelashes with any type of eye makeup but you should consider something shimmery or smoky to get the full effect of the eyelashes. Shimmering eye shadow in a nice frosty shade will really draw the attention to your luscious lashes. If you really want a glamour girl look-use heavy liner on your lids and lower lids and go with something sparkly!

Some Tips

Applying false eyelashes is relatively easy. All you really need is a steady hand and some good adhesive. The experts recommend that you do not rely on the pre–adhesive that comes on the eyelashes and that you do use some glue made especially for your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will be the last thing to go on. You will apply the rest of your makeup as you normally would (skip the mascara) than apply the eyelashes.

Now don’t throw out the mascara yet, you will need some to help blend it all in. For some people the full eyelashes is not the look they are hoping for so they go for outer only or a more scattered lash look. In every case whether you choose full, outer only you will need to add some mascara to blend it all in. Anyone can apply false eyelashes. Start from the inner eye and work your way out. You may have to do some trimming depending on the size of your eyes.

If you are a little shy and you don’t want to go all in, you can just cut down the eyelashes to fit on the outer end of your eye. You can also opt for individual eyelashes to get a more realistic look but they do take some time to apply. Once you have your eyelashes in place give them a couple of coats of mascara to blend it all in.