Homemade Natural Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Ok girls it turns out that most of the ingredients required for an effective DIY beauty product are in your refrigerator. So instead of spending time and money trying to find the right formula for your case you might start considering making your own DIY beauty product. To get the desired results you have to be well informed on the topic. Well, to help you with that we decided to reveal the life-changing homemade natural beauty hacks worth giving a try. So take a look.

The very first thing that you need to do is ensure you have the required ingredients. So take a look to is what’s on the ”magic recipe”.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is well-known due to its innumerous beauty benefits. It is more preferable to be applied topically as it is considered more effective that way. Note that olive oil has a formula that’s close to the oils that our body naturally produces. So no wonder why it’s one of the best ingredients to include in a beauty routine. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E olive oil helps to prevent skin’s degeneration as well as moisturize and improve its elasticity.

All Natural Exfoliant

There are two ways to make a good natural exfoliant: using brown sugar or using salt. To make the right choice you have to consider your skin types and the skin issues that you’re trying to fight against.




DIY Exfoliant Made of Sugar

Although sugar intake isn’t recommended as it is considered harmful for our health when it comes to skin care treatments sugar is considered a beneficial ingredient. First of all sugar keeps the skin well-hydrated as it has the ability to draw moisture form the air and clog it in your skin pores. Besides, the texture of this magical ingredient helps to get rid of dead skin cells. So brown sugar can be the best choice for a soft, smooth skin with a healthy glow.

We recommend using sugar instead of salt if your skin is dry and/or sensitive.

Salt Exfoliamt

Salt is highly recommended in cases when there is the necessity of a more intense formula. Salt is ideal for anti-acme treatments. Salt helps to clean pores and flush out the bacteria. Also rich in potassium and sulphur salt helps to maintain water balance boosting cell metabolism helping your skin to absorb oils.

Note that salt must be avoided when dealing with dry skin as its harsh texture might cause some side effects.

Preparation Procedure

Ok now that you know what ingredients you need to use to get the perfect homemade beauty treatment it is time to find out how to make it.

Thus to make the product, first of all you need to add any of the above-mentioned natural exfoliants to a container. Once you’ve done that pour olive oil in and stir well until it looks even. You can use this mixture as makeup remover, cleanser or even scrub.

Usage for Facial Treatments

Put a small amount of the product on your palms and use your fingers to apply it all over your face. Massage gently in circular motions and rinse off with warm water. Pat dry with a towel and use cotton piece to remove excess oil along with your makeup. Note that there is no need to apply a moisturizer afterwards.

Usage for the Body

While in the shower turn off the water and start applying the product all over your body. Massage in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. Once you finish just rinse off.  Also use a shower gel to get rid of excess oil afterwards.