House of Holland Cruise 2016 Collection

Ok, fashion lovers we are super excited to present a new fashion line that differs a lot from what we’ve seen so far suggested for resort 2016. Of course, we’re referring to the new House of Holland cruise 2016 collection! Inspired by the spirit of the youth of today expressing the attitude of young women of modern times this new fashion collection presented by House of Holland will definitely remain in the top charts of the most inspiring collections for a while.

The designer found inspiration for this collection while looking through looks influenced by Peruvian culture.”Peruvian Skater Girls”, this is how you can briefly describe the new line signed by the famous fashion house.Before we start speaking about the colors and the prints used for the collection we would like to highlight the fact that although combos included in the line look more of an edgy style from the first sight, the designer managed to do a great work ending up with a perfectly harmonious line. Thus any of the alternatives presented by the label can be chosen for a bright, eye-catching appearance without the risk of ending up with an overwhelming look, which is another thing that makes this line so special. As for the colors and the prints used to enrich the looks of the ensembles of the new fashion line it is worth-mentioning that the new line stands out due to its unceasing summer flair. From bright neon colors to navy stripes and girly florals there is a whole range of interesting alternatives ready to embellish your look adding a playful vibe to it that will easily attract everyone’s attention no matter where and at what circumstances you appear.

As you might have noticed by now the classic and very practical denimwear can be seen a lot in all the cruise 2016 lines presented so far. So if you can’t imagine your life without a pair of comfy jeans you might need to check out the acceptable way to wear them next season.Interestingly, Holland’s suggestions for denimwear for resort 2016 stand out for their Peruvian motifs and abstract forms. Also among the stand outs that we would like to focus your attention on are the breathtaking floral printed leather looks that seem showing a new interpretation of the well-known romantic style.

Now that you have information about the new House of Holland cruise 2016 collection take your time to check each look separately to see which one you’d rather go for and which not.