Whether they’re at the office, a fancy dinner, or jogging in the park, women often need something around their wrist that serves as either practical or decorative. Keep in mind that amazing and stylish bracelets don’t always have to be bought. It’s entirely possible to make your own cool bracelets with a little resourcefulness and know-how. From golden-link chains to hippie-style bracelets, take a look at this guide to DIY wrist jewelry.

However, for those of you looking at gifts for a special someone, or don’t have the time to make their own, here is a look at a few options to wear on your wrist for any time of the day.


Around the office and when running to important meetings, knowing the time is simply invaluable. Better yet, having something on your wrist that is stunning to look at and tells the time is a win-win. Cartier make some of the world’s finest watches, and their range suitable for women is unparalleled refinement. Their beautiful designs have been stealing attention since 1847, and Carter was even proclaimed the “jeweler of Kings and the king of jewelers,” by King Edward VII no less. More recently however, stars such as Angelina Jolie and Monica Belluci are regular wearers of Cartier watches.


The Apple Watch has been talked about from here to Timbuktu, yet concerns over the price tag and battery life have led to other fitness products making a name for themselves. Fitbit in particular, is a wearable fitness aid that can measure your heartrate 24/7, in addition to your sleeping patterns. Its great functionality coupled with a cool and futuristic looking design has resulted in celebs such as Robert Pattinson, Ryan Reynolds and even the US President Barack Obama all sporting a Fitbit.



Pearl jewelry has been and will be a thing of beauty for years to come. Why? Because they are simply timeless. Striking and mysterious, women who wear pearls radiate elegance and sophistication. In essence, anyone who wears pearls wants to be seen. They certainly don’t come cheap though, but if you’ve got the budget then you’d do well to pick up something like this from Tiffany & Co. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Rihanna, and of course the one and only gorgeous Audrey Hepburn are all devotees to pearl jewelry.