How to Care for Fur Clothing and Accessories

As you see fur still remains on the top charts of the most popular fashion trends. So if you haven’t got a chance yet to own a fury ensemble you still have time to look for the perfect piece. Now for those of you who do own fur but don’t know how to clean and maintain it this is the right topic. So get ready to find out how to take care of fur clothing and accessories and enjoy the fresh looks of them!

Keep it in Cold Storage

Storing fur at a cold place is always a good idea. Cold temperature will minimize the chances of it getting damaged or drying out and losing its color. Of course that does not mean that you can just wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. There are some specific climate-controlled storage units, designed exclusively for fur.

Give it Some Space

Usually we tend to concentrate on fitting it in a bag so much that we forget about the risks. Also avoid using plastic bags and bins as any kind of plastic bag will prevent the normal circulation of the air leading to unwanted results. Also you should avoid storing fur in a cedar closet or chest. Cedar closet will dry out your clothing and cause some extra damage.

Now if you want to have guaranteed long lasting effects, you need to make sure you keep your fur in a cool, dark place. Also using a hangar made of wood to hang it in the closet wouldn’t bother either.

Be Extremely Careful

If somehow your fur got damaged you need to rush to fix the problem otherwise its condition will worsen. Especially if it refers to situations when there’s a ripped hole in your fur, you need to rush. If the underlying fabric leather of a fur piece gets ripped, it will destabilize the matrix of the fur, causing some serious damage to your clothing.

Now the good news in this case is that there are some well-skilled fur specialists that can help you to deal with such situations. So the only thing that you need to do is take it to a specialist on time.

Clean Fur Properly

Fur should be taken to a specialist for an intense cleaning process that’s the only secure way to do it. So you should never try to do it on your own at home because that won’t lead to any good.