How to make your hair grow faster?


If you have chopped off your hair after seeing a trendy new short haircut and now missing your long hair terribly, then there is good news for you. There are some tricks with which you can make your hair grow faster. Nothing can make a girl look more beautiful and gorgeous than long, silky tresses.

The growth rate of hair is genetic. However, there are some tips that can let you have long and beautiful hair in a short span of time.

1. Hair mask: A good hair mask would make your hair grow faster. You have to mix one egg yolk with one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of Cognac or Vodka in a bowl. After proper mixing, massage it into your hair for thirty minutes. Then, wash your hair and condition it properly. For best results, you should apply this hair mask once a week.

2. Eat protein: Eating a lot of protein can also help your hair to grow faster. Hair is made of protein and therefore, eating protein can help your hair to look healthier and grow faster. You must include eggs, chicken, fish, red meats and nuts in your everyday diet.

3. Brush your hair: You should brush your hair gently twice every day. It would stimulate the blood circulation in your hair scalp and would result in spreading the natural oils in your hair effectively. Proper blood circulation is needed for hair growth. However, you should never brush your hair when it is wet. This is because it can result in hair breakage.

4. Massage your scalp: Whenever you shampoo your hair, massage your scalp gently by using your fingers. This will stimulate the blood flow effectively in your scalp, which will allow your hair to grow faster.

5. Keep your scalp healthy: If you want long and healthy hair, then you should keep your scalp healthy. Do not apply conditioner to the roots of hair. It would make the hair get oily soon and will also result in loss of volume. Most hair conditioners contain silicones and waxes. Applying them to the scalp will clog the pores.

6. Warm oil scalp massage: Heat a little amount of oil. The oils most recommended for this purpose are coconut oil, olive oil and linen oil. When the oil is warm, massage it onto your scalp. Then, after half an hour, shampoo your hair. It would make your hair grow faster.

If you follow these 6 tips, then you would surely get gorgeous and long hair within a short span of time.