How to Minimize The Appearance of Pores

We all dream about having the perfect, flawless-looking skin. However there are many internal and external factors that can affect our skin causing serious skin issues. Note that skin pores are those ”channels” through which oils enter our skin. So blame it to your pores when it comes to a skin issue. Now, it is important to mention that a lot depends on the size of your pores. The size of your pores, on the other hand is determined by your genetics. However bad hygiene can also make your pores look bigger. So if you want to minimize the appearance of your pores, first of all you have to plan an intense skin care routine. To help you with that we decided to present a short guide on how to minimize pores. So check it out.

Provide Deep Cleanse

One of the most common mistakes that we all tend to make is finishing our cleanse routine by just getting rid of blackheads. However that’s not enough. Aside of brushing your skin’s surface to get rid of blackheads you also need to consider getting extractions in order to provide a deep cleanse. According to experts of field getting steam combined with extractions every once in a while is the best you can do to your skin.




Keep your Pores Clean

After providing a deep cleanse you should also try to maintain the good condition of your pores. The best ingredient to use in this case appears to be salicylic acid. The latter is a keratic BHA (beta-hydroxy) acid, well-known for its abilities. Salicylic acid will smooth your skin fighting against acne causing bacteria keeping your pores clear.

Opt for a Primer

You’ve probably read before about how important it is to start your makeup application with a good primer. Primer helps to create a smooth base for the foundation. Of course you can also use a powder or a balm instead. Any of these products with help you to minimize the appearance of your pores and achieve the desired results of having a flawless looking skin.

Remember your Goal is To Achieve Long-Term Results

The best method to stick with in order to achieve long-term results is the one of using retinol. Retinol will help you to improve the texture of your skin making your pores less noticeable. Note that your skin pores will look smaller for as long as you keep using retinol. Retinol has been officially recognized as the most effective treatment for such cases. Note that prescription retinoids might cause some side effects if you have a sensitive skin. So if you happen to have a sensitive skin you might consider using non-prescription retinoids instead. The best interval of retinol use would be for every night five times a week.