How to Properly Clean White Sneakers

Fashion bloggers as well as street style icons inspire us with the amazing trend of white sneakers. They come to prove that sneakers never go out of style and keep their everlasting vibe for each season. There are several reasons why sneakers occupy a special place in each girl’s closet, offering comfort together with a chic look. However, there is a great disadvantage of white sneakers; the dirt sticks to them easily and becomes noticeable. Thus, you may face difficulties in making them super clean, that’s why we have collected several essential tips on how to properly clean white sneakers.

1. Stain Cleaning

You are recommended cleaning the stains of your white sneakers quite frequently to prevent the spots from sticking to the material and spoiling it. Invest in a special removal pen for stains and get rid of the spots easily and effectively.

2. Clean White Sneakers with a Washing Machine

If you look for a method to properly clean your white sneakers, you had better opt for the washing machine, as it’s one of the efficient ways, providing a fantastic result. Put your white sneakers in the washing machine and wash them with cold water together with enough detergent. Skip applying bleach, as it will affect the fabric of your sneakers, making it weaker.

3. Let White Sneakers Dry in a Natural Way

In order not to spoil the shape of your sneakers, you should stay away from sending them to the dryer. You are recommended putting them in a place which is not only warm but dry, as well. Thus, wait until they become completely dry in a natural way instead of using other drying methods.

4. Make the Rubber of Your White Sneakers Super Clean

The rubber of your white sneakers isn’t deprived of getting dirty, as well. The disgusting stains may adhere to it and create an untidy look. They may not be removed even if you go for machine washing. To have completely clean white sneakers, you are advised to purify the rubber singly with the help of a white-toned rag, which is immersed into the soap water. You may also reach for a paper towel to get rid of the dirt from the rubber. However, in case the stains are too stubborn and don’t go out, you had better experiment use alcohol and rub it on the stains.
Let your white sneakers shine brightly and look as clean as before. Don’t be afraid of their bright color. With these essential tricks, you will be able to wear white sneakers even on rainy days.