How To: Turn Your Jeans Upside Down And Transform Them Into A Fun Dress

Hey ladies what you said about some fresh idea how to reuse your jeans and make something special. The first thing that probably comes in your mind when you read the title is that you never wanted to cut your jeans, but just wait and see the final result. Anyway your favorite pair of jeans will not last forever so it is a super useful idea how to reuse it and make awesome fashion piece.

You can also a really fun upside down dress. All Day Chic has really ingenis project and we are so happy to share it with you. It is easy to make and below you can see the pattern.

You will need:

– old jeans;
– scissors, needles, thread;
– sewing machine.




Directions: Start by undoing the inside seam and the one uniting the crotch. When done, use the scissors to cut down the inside angle that normally covers the inside area in between your legs. You also need to undo the exterior seam from the bottom up of each crotch for the armpit area of your dress. Try the pants on like a dress, upside down, fixate it with some bobby pins, and start sewing with the sewing machine. Look at the pictures for more details. Enjoy!

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