How to Use Different Makeup Brushes for Every Occasion

The trick to applying flawless makeup and creating new looks is all about the brushes that you use. When it comes to makeup application, it is not one sized brush fits all. You need to use different types of brushes to create new looks. When you are trying to find the best makeup brushes, there are quite a few options to choose from. The choices can get a bit overwhelming. This means that you need to make things simple by focusing in the makeup brushes that will get the most use and the makeup looks that matter most to you.

Here are all the secrets about the best makeup brushes and how to use them:

Foundation Brush

It is important that you have a foundation brush. This type of makeup brush is often referred to as a traditional brush. This type of brush should be large, but also be flat and be firm. This type of foundation brush is ideal for applying foundation that is in powder or liquid form. Just be sure that when you are using a foundation brush to apply foundation that you are not streaking it across your face. Dragging it can create the appearance of long streaks that are not flattering. You can instead try out a stippling of dabbing technique when you are using a large foundation brush. This will result in no visible streaks.

Blush Brush

When you want to apply blush to your cheeks, you should be using a blush brush. This is typically a makeup brush that is medium in size, but can also have other uses. You can use your blush brush to also apply bronzer or foundation into the creases of your eye. Make sure that you are using the flat side of the brush when applying the blush. You want to blend it out fully with the look to create a flawless look.

Small Round Brush

A small round brush is the type that you will use when you are applying eye makeup. When you have to get into small areas around the eye, a small brush really does come in handy. Make sure that you have a small brush that has a domed shape. This will help to make blending so much easier for cool eye makeup looks like the Smokey eye. You can really get into the crease of the eyelid when you are using this small round brush.

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