Isabel Marant Accused of Copying Traditional Designs

Once again we are here with shocking news that you’re gonna discuss for a while! The thing is that one of the most famous fashion names this time seems to have appeared in the center of attention not due to her new collection but for something that’s a whole other story. Still not guessing what we are speaking about? The breaking news according to which Isabel Marant is being accused for plagiarism has really shocked the brand’s fans, at least us. We have to admit that these shocking news forced us to look for further information on that topic and guess what we found out! The designer has been accused for plagiarism once again in the past. However this time she’s being blamed for using the characteristic graphical print for the new spring/summer 2015 collection. As facts have shown the print used for the fashion ensembles of the new line are taken from Mixe community, Santa Maria Tlahuitopetec, Oaxaca, South Mexico.

However the fashion designer admits that the graphic print wasn’t her signature style claiming that it is inspired by the style shown at the Mexican community. Well, we all know that our fashion designers use all kinds of sources to get inspired to create a new fashion collection but the question is, how to differ inspiration from copies?

Anyways speaking about the whole thing Isabel Marant claims that what she did wasn’t plagiarism but it was simply what a designer can get when using different sources of inspiriation. Moreover she added that considering the seriousness of this problem she got involved in the legal proceedings of this conflict.

“Before the district court of Paris, Isabel Marant is fighting to set the record straight: she has presented submissions which expressly point out that these designs come from the village of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec in the province of Oaxaca, in Mexico,” read a statement from the fashion house. “Moreover, Ms Isabel Marant, after tracing the true origin of these clothes, officially informed the court: ‘For her part, Ms Isabel Marant does not claim to be the author of this tunic and these designs’.”

Well this is pretty much what we know about the attention-stealing fashion news. We hope that we’ll get a chance to see the further steps of the signature name, aimed to save the situation. After all we want to add that no matter what we always expect the best from fashion brands and it’s kind of disappointing to hear about Marant being blamed for plagiarism and we hope in this case we are speaking about a misunderstanding that caused such a reaction.