Jason Wu Cruise 2016 Collection

As we mentioned previously the latest fashion collections are all about breaking the stereotypes. Any kind of restriction can lead to an inverse effect by distorting the message that the designer wanted to pass to the audience in the first place. Well that’s one of the main reasons why one of the most famous fashion designers, Jason Wu this time decided to show a new approach of the classic ”resort” category offering a whole line of simple and versatile fashion ensembles that you can wear anywhere!  As he said: “I felt like I need to change the way I look at resort, and not let the name dictate what the collection is. So this is a more subtle version.”

Note that offering fashion ensembles made of chic wool and presenting stylish knitted tops made of cashmere the signature brand this time seems betting on coziness and comfort. So as a result in the Jason Wu cruise 2016 collectionwe have a whole range of eye-catching and super trendy coats, jackets as well as suits embellished with pieces of fur that add a touch of glamour to them.

As for the colors chosen for the new line we would like to mention that just as most of the fashion lines launched for resort2016 the new Jason Wu cruise 2016 collection also stands out for offering all kinds of alternatives mainly in nude shades. Also it is remarkable that the fashion designer seems to focus on the deep dark tone of blue suggesting an alternative way to emphasize the intriguing, mysterious side of women’s character.  Of course no matter what, wearability is what the designer bets on this time as from the first sight for one it becomes obvious that ”wear-now” versatile pieces are dominating in the new collection.

It should be mentioned that this new fashion project launched by Jason Wu appears to be the result of inspiration that the artist got from the jaw-dropping works of Egyptian artist Ghada Amer. So aside from being easy-to-style and very trendy, these samples seem also to have a sophisticated vibe that easily attracts. As for more occasional looks the label suggests delicate pieces made of sheer fabrics (mainly in dark colors) and enriched with sparkles or other interesting designing details.

After all we would like to just remind you that a woman looks beautiful when she feels beautiful, as confidence is what makes a woman be lambent. In fact a woman feels confident about her look when she’s comfortable in her outfit. So no wonder why the famous fashion designer decided to experiment this time launching a new line that looks nothing like the previous fashion projects. Something that we’re really excited about!