Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Topshop Collection Revealed

For the past years, when everybody’s attention was focused on one of the most famous celebs of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian, no one could even imagine how her twin sisters would grow and turn into fashion icons for the next generations. Surprisingly the two sisters lately announced that they’re actually coming up with a brand new line which by the way will be one of the samples of their very first official collaboration!

As the Jenner sisters admitted this new line is set to be the continuation of their previous work which was a capsule collection presented by the same brand. This time again the target group for Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s presented line is teenagers, to be more specific, young fellows who are planning to enjoy the festivals of the so-expected summer season! From adorable crop tops to comfy sporty T-shirts and super cute maxi dresses, there is a whole line of high quality fashion pieces especially designed for -young fashionistas! It is worthmentioning that the new Kendall and Kylie Jenner line signed by Topshop is inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of the Jenner sisters and their story. “We were thinking about the LA girl: who she is, what she loves to do, and what her dream wardrobe would be,” says Kendall.

Also the sisters added, “We very much wanted to capture the essence of our own lifestyles and create pieces that would fit perfectly into our wardrobes.” And we have to admit that the results weren’t disappointing at all!
The new range of super cool fashion pieces suggested by stunning Jenner sisters seems offering 15 amazing outfits all well-thought and designed to perfectly express the adventurous mood of teenagers in modern world. Note that the new line will be on sale starting Wednesday 3 of June, and it will be available at Topshop stores, as well as selected Nordstrom locations. As for the shoot for the promo of the new line we have to say that it screams summer! With Kendall and Kylie showing off a sample of the new collection and the magical beauty of the exotic beach on the background one thing is sure, nothing else can make our young fashionistas more excited about this summer!

Last but not least we would like to highlight the fact that the prices are pretty good compared to what’s offered by the brand, as the cost for each fashion piece on average falls between 45-85 $. Definitely worth the price, isn’t it?
In the end we would like to just add that the Jenner sisters seem also very excited about their new line. In fact Kendall and Kylie really hope that young fashionistas will have as much fun wearing the collection as they did designing it.