Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Routine Revealed!

As you know the Kardashian sisters have brought a whole new beauty ideal to the fashion world. Their exotic look and flawless beauty have changed all beauty standards. This time we would like to focus your attention on gorgeous Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine, who brought a revolution to the fashion world changing the perception of natural beauty. Besides stunning Kim inspires many women making them more self-confident about their fuller proportions. Well guess what! The beloved star finally decided to share with us her beauty secrets. Thus we are super excited to present the beauty routine of Kim Kardashian below.

Always Take Off Your Makeup before Sleep 

Remember makeup products include all kind of chemicals no matter their quality. So it is very important to wash it off before you go to sleep as leaving it on may cause unwanted side effects. You can either use make-up wipes or wash your face with lotion and rinse with water for a deep cleanse.




Include Sunscreen in your Makeup Regime

The beloved celeb notes that she could never make it without a sunscreen. The star has suffered from sunburn in the past and she knows well the essence of this miraculous makeup product. So follow her example and boost protection against UV rays.

Contour and Highlight

Contouring and highlighting is what the star considers her secret to a flawless look. It is very important for a woman to know the strong and the weak sides of her look. That way you’ll know what to put an emphasis on and what to conceal.

Find the Right Eyebrow Shape for your Brows

As stunning Kim said during one of her interviews she used to do her brows. However the star once decided to trust her stylist and she never regretted it. Kim used to do her brows pointed while her stylist suggested trying out a more round shape. As you can see that worked great for Kim! So it is very important to find the shape of brows that works for you the best.

Make your Lashes Look Fuller to get a More Dramatic Effect

According to the famous Hollywood celeb the secret to a successful look lies on long, fuller lashes. Especially in cases of big events or romantic dates fake eyelashes wouldn’t bother. Another thing that you can do to create the desired look is mix two formulas. For example you can add a layer of volumizing and a layer of lengthening mascara to get a dramatic look.

Stick with a Matte Bronzer

Try out a matte bronzer instead of one that has shimmer. Especially if you have an oily skin a shimmery formula will make it look a lot shinier than it actually is. So avoid shimmery bronzers in general.