Knowing The Area Where You’re Getting Fat The Most Will Give You a Clue on How to Fix It

Hey everyone we know that you have been tried so many different way to have healthy life and maybe you failed sometimes because of lack of information.

Now we want to share something really impressive and functional and we are sure that this could be one of the steps that could help you living a healthy life.
The secret lies on the type of obesity you’re dealing with. Most people are unaware of the different types of obesity, and the specific ways to get rid of it. Here are six types of obesity and tips on how to specifically get rid of your unwanted body fat.

Which group do you belong to?


1. Obesity of Food

Known as the most common type of obesity in the world, obesity of food is caused by excessive intake of sugar and food. By reducing your intake of food and exercising at least 30 minutes a day, you can easily combat this type of obesity.

2. Obesity of “Nervous Stomach”

This tends to be caused by a spike in the stress hormone cortisol and by depression and anxiety. Exercise and stress-relief techniques can help.

3. Gluten Obesity

Occurring most often in adolescent or menopausal women—those undergoing large hormonal changes—gluten obesity is best countered by avoiding smoking, drinking, and sitting for long periods, and exercising with weights.

4. Atherogenic Metabolic Obesity

People with this type of obesity usually accumulate fat in their abdomen and have trouble breathing. Solution: Reduce alcohol consumption to combat this type of obesity.

5.Obesity due to venous circulation

Considered as a genetically inherited obesity, this type of obesity usually occurs in people with swollen legs or pregnant women. Those with this type of obesity must exercise by running or climbing the stairs.

6.Obesity of Inactivity

Obesity of inactivity hits the parts of the body that used to be active, like when you stop working out. Eating meals at regular intervals can help combat obesity of inactivity by speeding up the metabolism

Solution: Do not skip eating for a long period of time, because it can slow down metabolism