Lip Contouring Techniques To Stick To

One of the most important things girls should know is the secret of having plump kissable lips. Lip contouring is a rather difficult technique and it appears to be one of the main parts of makeup routine. Of course, some girls are born having naturally beautiful lips, but many of us have to put some effort on in order to have plump lips. As we all see, overdrawing has become a major trend, but a lot of girls make many mistakes when contouring. Considering that we decided to discuss this question with you to keep you away from these mistakes. Lips are maybe the first things to draw attention on a makeup look. Thus you should pay attention to them. Well to help you to create the illusion of having fuller lips we decided to present a few lip contouring techniques.



Thus, at first start with curing your lips. Remember, it’s really important to have naturally healthy lips. Here come numerous healthful petrolatums to help you with this question. According to our trust-worthy stylists one of the most common mistakes that women tend to make is putting too much lip balm on. So limit down yourself to one layer of lip balm after exfoliation. Once you’ve done that you start thinking about what shape of lips you want to have. Afterwards, follow working on contouring process. Start blending the concealer around your lips to outline, but try to keep it as natural as possible. Makeup artists suggest using a lip pencil that’s a little bit darker than your natural lip tone. If you pick a color just the color of your lips you will fail the look. So look for one that’s at least a tone darker. Also if you use a pencil the same color as your lipstick, the contouring will lose all its effect. But if your liner is a little bit darker, it will make the dimension you want. Experts of the field claim that it’s all about using dark and light tones properly. Also one must keep in mind that darker tones will make lips look smaller while lighter hues will help to create a more natural effect. Also adding a layer of gloss wouldn’t bother as that way you’ll make your lips appear fuller.

Last but not least you should also consider your skin tone when choosing a lip color as some colors might work great with lighter skin tones while other colors seem to be ideal for darker skin tones.