Little Things that Every Woman Should Know About Lipstick

Every woman knows you are not truly dressed till you have your lipstick on. There are some interesting things about lipstick that most people are not aware of. Lipstick is a fashion staple and it has been around for as long as history has been kept.

In ancient Greece and Egypt there are indications that berries were squashed and used to color the lips. In Greece where prostitution was legal, prostitutes were ordered to wear red lipstick so that they could easily be identified as prostitutes. If a prostitute was caught not wearing red lipstick she was identified as a deceiver and punished. During the Woman’s Suffrage movement when women in the US were fighting for their right to vote the women that were part of the movement wore red lipstick to be able to identify one another. Lipstick has been an important part of our global history.

A Little Economic Fact

When the economy is down, lipstick sales go way up. It seems that women that want to feel better about their dire economic situation turn to lesser priced cosmetics during these times and stock up on none other than lipsticks. Evidently feeling down is cured by having a draw full of cheap lipsticks.

Speaking of Economy and Lipstick

The ladies may rush out to buy lipstick when they are feeling the financial pinch but no one is rushing out to buy the world’s most expensive lipstick. Guerain makes Kiss Kiss lipstick and encases it in a solid gold tube that is studded with diamonds. The cost is an astronomical $80,000 US per tube. The word is that there are better formulas of lipstick available but of course no one is buying this lipstick for the sparkle it adds to the lips.

Speaking of Sparkle

Do you know what makes your lipstick shimmer? Fish scales! Yes, fish scales are still used in lipstick to give it an iridescent look. Animal fat, marrow and other not so tasty parts are used to make lipstick. No one likes to think about any of this every time they run their tongue across freshly painted lips. Ugh.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Red

Red lipstick never ever goes out of style. No matter what other styles/colors come in, red is always a safe choice. It is the sexiest color according to men. If you do not like the latest color craze than just go with red but buy it don’t steal it.

Shoplifted Lipstick

Lipstick is the number one item worldwide that is shoplifted. It is stolen more than any other product. It is estimated that a million tubes a year are stolen around the globe. While plenty of the lifters are caught there is likely three times or more that get away with it. It is after all a beauty must have and some of the people that clip it much feel that it is worth going to jail over.

Lipstick can be a life changer!