Manicure Answers for Every Lady: How to Prevent Nail Breakage

One of the most important aesthetic components of your body is the set of nails that you have. When you shake people’s hands, it’s the first thing they see and your nails can be a strong indicator of your personal hygiene. As an individual suffering from constant nail breakage, growing the perfect set can be incredibly difficult. Below are some tips to take into consideration to help prevent your nails from prematurely breaking off.

Tip 1: Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools

Even though it can be more than tempting to peel off a sticker with your nails or to use them to open your mail, it’s not the wisest decision as it puts too much pressure on the nail. The more that you use your nails as tools, the less likely they are to maintain their strength and to continue growing. Instead, consider using actual knives to the tough jobs and leave your nails out of it.

Tip 2: Top Coats

One great way to maintain strength in your nails is to find a top coat that claims to make your nails as “tough as diamonds” as this is essential for giving them the strength they need to continue growing. The best part is that you can find strengthening top coats and nail polishes in a variety of colors ranging from black to entirely clear. This is the perfect option for people who are prone to nail biting as well as you’ll be less likely to ruin a new manicure than you would with entirely clean nails.

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Your diet has a lot to do with how your hair, skin, and nails grow on a regular basis. You’ll need to make sure that you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals including calcium and biotin. If you find that you’re lacking in some type of vitamin, there is the ability to take supplements to counteract any deficiencies. For example, there are biotin supplements that you can easily get from the local drug store and it will promote the growth of healthier nails. The more nutrients your body receives, the better it will look, the faster it will grow, and the stronger you will be.

Tip 4: Healing Ointments

If all else fails, there are specialty ointments that you can buy from beauty stores to directly nourish your nails. You apply the ointments to your actual nail and rub them in so that they can be easily absorbed. These ointments include natural ingredients such as vitamin E and biotin along with important proteins.