Manicure Mistakes That Are Made Too Often

Giving yourself a manicure may seem demanding however, once you get the hang of it, it is completely effortless. However you need to be aware of some key techniques in order to give yourself a manicure. Furthermore, there are also some pointers to keep in mind which if not followed can pose a risk to your health.

In this article we have made a list of some of the most common manicure mistakes that people are completely unaware of.

1. Clipping the cuticles:

Try not to cut your cuticles. Cutting your cuticles with a cuticle cutter can be very dangerous. You can easily give your fingers cuts and thus can get infected. If you do not like your cuticles, you should push them back by using an orange wood stick. Apply some cuticle remover or softener and use the stick to push them back gently don’t be harsh. If you do not have a cuticle softener or remover, push your cuticles after you shower.

2. Disinfect your tools:

It is very important to wash and disinfect your tools such as your nail clippers, buffers, orange sticks and also nail files. You can use anti bacterial soaps to sanitize them. Also remember never to keep your tools in a plastic bag as this can aid in the growth of bacteria on your tools leading to various infections. Furthermore, make sure you completely dry your tools after washing them.

3. Filing nails:

Don’t file your nails in a back and forth motion. This can cause tears in the nails which eventually cause them to split and break. File your nails in one direction only.

4. Not using a basecoat:

A basecoat is like a primer for your foundation without which, your nail polish will not have a smooth finish. You can easily extend the wear of your nail polish if you use a good basecoat. Furthermore, a lot of people use the same clear polish as a base coat and top coat, avoid that as it is not the same thing.

5. Using Q-tips to clean mistakes:

Q-tips are really a nightmare for your manicure. Never use cotton buds to clean up your manicure mistakes as cotton fuzz gets stuck to your manicure while you correct your mistakes and this can make your entire nail look bad. Instead use a small makeup brush to wipe of the mistake. You can also dip the brush into nail polish remover.

6. Think nail polish coats:

Never apply thick layers of nail polish. First of all, it takes very long to dry and can cause smudge. Apply three or four thin layers to get the desired results instead of apply thick coats.

7. Shaking your nail polish bottle:

You should never shake your nail polish bottle. Why? Because it traps in air that creates tiny pockets which eventually make your nail polish thick. Instead of shaking your nail polish bottle roughly, roll the bottle in your hands exactly like how you would roll playdough.