Marc Jacobs Cruise 2016 Collection

Here’s a new fashion line for resort 2016 that will steal your attention from the first sight! Of course we’re speaking of the new Marc Jacobs cruise 2016 collection! Well, fans of the label know that Marc Jacobs loves impressing every time by showing off something that looks totally different from what everyone expected to see from him. Basically we can say that he always manages to come with a runway surprise that leaves a big impact on everyone. As for the new line launched there are two things about it that make it so special. First of all the fact that it’s jeweled and secondly that it actually is an elegant-chic line with a futuristic vibe that makes it distinguishable.

Speaking of the colors chosen for the new line we would like to mention that this time the fashion designer doesn’t seem to be focusing on the color palette as much as on the detailed designs. As a result we have a series of high fashion ensembles with 3D designs on, embellished with eye-catching patterns that seem to be exactly what a modern woman needs to express her confidence. Style-wise it’s hard to exactly say which category this new fashion line falls into as the designer presents a whole range of different combos, each of them in a totally different style. Thus from fancy dresses to strict office looks and fancy coats the label seems to have at least an option for any style preference. As for the fabrics chosen for the fashion ensembles, from delicate sheer fabrics to oversized crystals and threads the new Marc Jacobs cruise 2016 collection suggests all kinds of textures and patterns to its target audience.

As the representatives of the label claim this new fashion collection is the continuation of the previous Marc Jacobs fall 2015 line: “thought the most surprising thing would be to start off where we left off,” Marc Jacobs said. “But to move on, we took the embellishments, the trappings of femininity, the sort of polished thing, and then we let it come a little more undone.”

Accessories included in the new line were also attention grabbing. Mainly in red suede and black and white snakeskin (just as the outfits) these beauties seem to be the perfect finishing touch for the signature looks created by Marc Jacobs. Last but not least it is worth mentioning that Marc Jacobs presented his new collection in New York exclusively in his showroom before showing it to Anna Wintour which proves how excited the designer was about his new work. Wel,l we are sure that fashionistas will also be as happy like the designer about the new Resort 2016 line.