Nail Art in Black and White

When you are looking to complete your look, it all comes down to the details. This means that not only do you need to have the right outfit and the ideal makeup look, but you also need to have stylish nails. One of the biggest nail crazes out right now involves black and white nail art. It is subtle in style, but high in drama. If you really want your nails to get attention and to complete your flawless look, you should try stepping up your nail game with black and white nail art. There are a few style options that stand out from the rest.

Here are the most popular black and white nail art trends out right now:

Polka Dot

If you are looking for something easy that looks great, but that you can actually pull off on your own, it is time to give polka dots a try. Painting your entire nail black and then adding small white dots allows you to create a bold style that looks so cute. Polka dots really are classic, but they are also really chic. The combination looks great together and you do not need a lot of skill to create this nail art design all on your own. Just about anyone can make dots using a small brush. Just give it a try.


Another really cool nail art design that you can do in black and white is stripes. Making horizontal stripes on your nails that are in the colors of black and white will allow you to achieve a flawless nail look. All you have to do is to paint the base of your nail white and then add thick or thin black stripes based on your preference. The result will be pretty and the perfect nail look to rock for a few weeks. It might look really detailed, but stripes are really easy to create. Black and white are the perfect colors to use to give this look more drama.

Zebra Print

You can’t really talk about white and black nail art without getting to zebra pint. Zebra prints are one of the biggest trends in fashion. This means that you can add them to your nail art design. This design is a bit more complex than others, but you can still pull it off. Using a stamp pattern is the easiest way to create the zebra design.