Rachel Zoe Cruise 2016 Collection

Today’s famous designer Rachel Zoe has introduced her unduplicated resort collection. As she says, they are elevating everything. The Rachel Zoe cruise 2016 collection reflected her unique taste and style along with the well-known Seventies bohemian glamour, which is really loved by her clients. We should note that it was at a higher level compared to previous ones. Every little thing was carefully examined: the fabrics, the tailoring of the ensembles as well as the decorations. We dare to say that it was her best collection ever! By the way the famous fashion designer officially ended her four-year license with Li & Fung with the reveal of her resort collection.

Well, now Zoe operates independently and undoubtedly this fact has a much better impact on her and her career, as now she can introduce her own style and signature without depending on anyone’s side opinion.  Thus, by her words she’s “driving on her own.” Therefore, her resort collection is a great example of our words, as the clothes appear to be much fancier than we expected to see. OK, the very first things we’ve noticed while looking through the collection were the silk and jacquard tuxedo jackets among with the burgundy fringe suede jacket. Also other ensembles that caught our attention were the colorful furs done with Saga and the very fashionable pants styled with tie-neck blouses. The latter reminds us of the realm of hippie glam rock, which is one of the Zoe’s favorite styles that she knows too well. Certainly, it emanates out of one of the most famous design communities L.A.  As Zoe mentioned, “It’s not the basics, it’s the novelty pieces people respond to. The customer wants me to tell her how to dress up.” As you can seeit made much sense.

Be sure, this collection will inspire you to book a winter excursion somewhere very fancy. Of course it’s all because of the rich colors and the unique styles inspired of Morocco and stocked with the classic ‘60s silhouettes. This awesome collection features well-polished pieces that attract attention from the very first sight. So that is exactly what makes it so special. By the way, the main plus of this resort collection is that you can wear it both at the office and on the weekends as all ensembles are well-thought over to be both stylish and versatile!

Now that you’ve got an idea about the new line look through the combos presented by the label to make your own top list of the best options for resort 2016!