Should You Use Cleansing Wipes Or Not?

You use cleansing wipes a lot without considering whether they are beneficial for your skin or not. However, they often fail to clear your makeup effectively. Besides, they are high in toxic formula, which is the enemy of your skin of your face. Discover the disadvantages of cleansing wipes and find out the main causes why you are advised to skip their application. Though cleansing wipes are comfortable for use, bear in your mind that they will cause more harm to your skin. Thus, this post will help you learn whether to use cleansing wipes or not.

1. They Won’t Provide the Desired Effect

After applying the cleansing wipes on the face, you will definitely notice dirt on them, but it doesn’t mean they get rid of all the oil. They don’t give the same effect as the cleansers and they are harmful for the skin, causing irritation and dryness.

2. They are Packed with Drying Formula

No matter what type of skin you own, you should skip applying cleansing wipes, as they are packed with alcohol as well as fragrance. In case your skin is sensitive, you are advised to avoid cleansing wipes when getting rid of your makeup. Because of the drying feature, the cleansing wipe affects the production of sebum.

3. They May be Dangerous

When taking the cleansing wipes out of the packet, they are still damp and are high in preservatives, which may lead to skin irritation. Methylisothiazolinone is one of the most harmful ingredients. In case of allergies you had better forget about cleansing wipes.

4. They Don’t Clean the Eye Makeup

One of the great reasons of skipping the application of cleansing wipes is that they aren’t able to get rid of the makeup of your eyes. Because of the delicate skin, you aren’t advised to use rubbing actions. Otherwise, you will deal with annoying wrinkles around your eyes.

5. They Don’t Allow Other Makeup Products to be Efficient

In case you haven’t achieved a perfectly clean face after the application of cleansing wipes, the rest of the products will lose their efficiency. Moisturizing products and eye creams are among the products when used before sleeping. If you apply them on the dirty skin, you will just waste your time and money.

6. They will Lead to Acne

Besides the fact that the cleansing wipes don’t get rid of the bacteria from the skin, they make it extend all over the face, leading to acne. However, if you can’t apply cleansers, you you had better look for cleansing wipes high in salicylic acid.

7. They Have a Lip Irritating Feature

As the skin of your lips is too sensitive, it may face numerous skin problems when using a cleansing wipe. If you reach for it when to get rid of the lipstick from your lips, you are likely to end up with irritation.

8. You Skip Washing Your Face with Water

If you can’t without the application of cleansing wipes, you should first use water to wash your face, as it will fight against the damage which the wipes may cause. It is a bad idea to apply wipes and then go to bed without cleaning your face with water.

9. You Skip Moisturizing After Applying Cleansing Wipes

Though cleansing wipes are known for moisture-enhancing features, they can’t replace moisturizing products. You are advised to reach for a moisturizer just after cleaning your face with wipes.

10. They are Deprived of Biodegradability

No makeup remover is proved to be biodegradable. If you don’t take into account the disadvantages of the cleansing wipes, you had better put them aside and forget about them forever.
Thus, consider the damages the cleansing wipes may cause to your skin and try to stay away from them.

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