Sonia Rykiel Cruise 2016 Collection

We are very excited to introduce you one of the most energizing fashion collections for the resort 2016 season. Of course we’re speaking about the new Sonia Rykiel cruise 2016 collection! Presenting a brand new line filled with bright colors and interesting fashion ensembles with an attention-grabbing playful vibe, the brand seems to stand out in 2016.

It should be noted that this line differs from what the famous designer has shown us in previous seasons. However, Julie de Libran who by the way appears to be the artistic director of Sonia Rykiel explains their entrance to a new experimental field: “After my somber-palette fall runway show, I wanted to challenge myself working with colors.”

One of the most interesting things about the new line is the fact that it cannot be easily described, as there are no definite characteristics that will allow us to give you an idea of the style dominating in the collection. That is why we’ll just highlight the fact that this new collection is all about colors and interestingly matched striped pieces letting you decide in which category these beauties can be included. Whether you find the collection a new approach of the very popular modern-chic style or you prefer calling it “experimental”, on thing is sure, this new fashion line comes to change our perceptions of high fashion. Note that though the piecesput an emphasis on effortlessness and comfort,they also seem to be forming new standards of feminine, romantic looks by introducing us a series of eye-catching dresses of a soft, girly style.

If you are a fashionista who loves experimenting with colors and styles then Sonia Rykiel definitely has something to offer you as most of the combos included in the new Sonia Rykiel cruise 2016 collectionstand out due to their breathtaking style mixes. Also we would like to mention that we loved the idea of pairing trendy casual-chic outfits with fancy platforms and high heels just as the fashion designer suggests doing it next season.

In general one can say that this new collection signed by the label screams positivity, which by the way is what we’re missing in modern era where everyone’s stressed about something. Sobesides being a sample of high fashion of our times, the Sonia Rykiel cruise 2016 collectionalso stands out for giving an opportunity to fashionistas to actually express their mood with their image. Now that you know what the new Sonia Rykiel is all about take your time to explore the new combos presented by the label and decide which ones you’d prefer to embellish your look with in 2016.