Spring Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

Ok, girls, the arrival of each season comes with the necessity of some changes in makeup and skin care routine. However there are times when even by changing your skin care routine you don’t achieve the expected results. Well maybe that’s because you’re making some skin care mistakes that prevent you from getting the perfect skin. Check out our list of the spring skin care mistakes to avoid and find out what you have to be aware of.

Your Tools Aren’t Clean Enough



No matter the quality of the makeup products or the nourishing products, you won’t get the desired results as long as your tools aren’t perfectly clean. So to ensure your makeup tools are perfectly clean you should wash them at least every two weeks. Also wash your makeup bag once a month in order to store your makeup tools in a clean place.

Pumping the Mascara Wand in and Out

By over-pumping mascara wand you allow bacteria to enter into tube along with air causing it to dry and infect your eyes. By applying dry mascara you’re running a risk of irritating your eyes and causing side effects. So you have to be extremely careful when it comes to applying mascara.

Washing your Face before Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair

This is a very common beauty mistake that most of us tend to make. Your shampoo and conditioner will run on your face and clog your pores immediately after the whole cleanse process. So it is more preferable to wash your face and provide a deep cleanse after washing your hair.

You Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

You might have read about how ”bad” are oil-based products for skin. Well yes oil-based products may cause breakouts but only in case if you’re using the wrong oils. So reconsider including oils in your skin care regime as oils will moisturize your skin while perfectly nourishing it and improve oil production.

You Use your Hands to Apply a Beauty Product

Although using your fingers to apply a beauty product seems to be the easiest and most comfortable way to apply it comes with certain risks. Take a minute to think about the bacteria that’s concentrated on your palm. Now imagine how you transfer it to your skin, clogging your pores and causing all kind of side effects, definitely not the best thing to do to your skin. To avoid that we suggest using craft sticks for the application of moisturizers and skin creams and makeup brushes for the application of all kind of makeup products.

You Always Choose Intense Exfoliators

Exfoliators don’t really have to be made of intense formulas. There are also gentle formulas especially designed for sensitive skin types. So define your skin type before you rush to buy an exfoliator made of strong formulas as maybe you need a gentler one made of natural ingredients.