Stella McCartney Cruise 2016 Collection

While most of our beloved fashion names decided to present strict looks mainly in dark hues for resort 2016, Stella McCartney managed to impress everyone with her new exotic line inspired by Cuba, Latin salsa dancers and famous celebs. Coming up with an energetic fashion collection that seems to dictate a more optimistic outlook the famous fashion name this time steals our attention with the uniqueness of her new designs.

Now what we would like to add before we start speaking of the new Stella McCartney cruise 2016 collection is that the presentation time took place in New York. From the beginning of the presentation everyone’s attention was at the inspiring bright colors of the new fashion ensembles.  Real fashionistas know how hard it is to work with bright colors as there is always the risk of ending up with overwhelming looks. However the very talented designer managed to work with a specific color palette creating a series of eye-catching alternatives that stand out for being too bright yet perfectly harmonious looking. As you can see the key to success of such looks lies on balance. The way the designer balanced the looks was by simply playing with contrasts created by matching dark tones with bright ones and mix and matching different patterns. So as a result we’ve got a wide range of fashionable pieces embellished with super cute floral prints that can be the perfect choice for a statement-making look. Undoubtedly asymmetry was one of the main characteristics of the new line launched by Stella McCartney. In fact we admit that we loved the way the designer emphasized the asymmetrical forms of the ensembles by color blocking.  Also as we mentioned contrasting was another style trick that has been used by the designer for the new collection.

Of course, after all there are some stand outs which we would like to especially mention. For example we couldn’t pass by the gorgeous summer dresses in energizing citrus colors and the summer mood that these beauties were filled with. Another combo that stole our attention leaving a big impact on us was the monochromatic casual-chic combination in an adorable peachy pink hue that seemed to be perfect for the chilly days of summer season.

As for the accessories included in the new line the only thing that we have to say is that in this category the designer seems to have gone minimalistic. So if not all then most accessories of the new Stella McCartney cruise 2016 collection were distinguishable due to their simplicity and versatility as they could be worn with practically anything and still look perfect.

Now that you’ve got an idea what the new line is all about, do you have your own list of the best Stella McCartney cruise 2016 fashion pieces? Let us know!