The Different Shapes of Mascara Brushes

Instead of other types of brushes, which are available at any store, mascara brushes are among the products which you can never purchase sins its formula. However, it doesn’t mean they lose their great role as a tool. The total effect of the formula depends on the shape of the mascara brush. In case of applying mascara formula with an inadequate brush, your lashes will look lumpy. A perfect mascara brush is known for its look-changing feature, having a power of making your lashes fuller and creating an illusion of wearing false lashes. Today you are armed with different shapes of mascara brushes, each having various beauty purposes. Some of them are packed with lash lengthening features, while others have a curling and thickening properties.

1. Mascara Brush with a Lash Curling Feature

This splendid type of mascara is designed to make your eye lashes curly. Having a curved form and slim bristles, this thin-shaped brush is an ideal option, as it sticks to your lash roots and makes them curly when you move the wand upwards. You will also be deprived of having massive mascara over the eye lashes, which is achieved thanks to the separate division of bristles, as well as the perfect material.

2. Mascara Brush in a Curvy Form

Resembling a half heart, this curvy-formed mascara brush is described with different-sized bristles and with a small curvy tip. Due to the fabulous curve, the mascara brush sits cozily on your lashes, while the small wand tip enables to get to the lashes, located at the internal edge of your eyes.

3. Waterproof Type of Mascara

It may be a bit frightening to reach for this exquisite type of mascara because of its unique brush. Not being afraid of a medieval taste, you may make your lashes stand out with this waterproof type of mascara. The bristles cover the brush and skip topping only the base. However, it’s a bit difficult to use this mascara brush to make your lashes curly, especially if you stick to it for the first time. When applying it, go for the horizontal direction to cover all your lashes with mascara and make them curly. Then, opt for the vertical direction to add volume to your lashes. For a great impact, you may cover your lower lashes with mascara, as well.

4. Mascara with a Flexible Head

It usually requires much time to invest in a mascara brush with an ability of covering lashes sins spoiling the rest of the lashes. It’s well-known that lashes have various lengths, so you may get an advantage of this silicone-made mascara wand with spikes, positioned diagonally and work with each lash separately. Due to the flexibility of the brush head, you may easily apply mascara both on your lash roots and tips, using any direction.

5. Mascara with a Lash Lengthening Feature

Here is another different shape of mascara brushes to take into consideration. It has a lash lengthening power. The same brush has three various designs of bristles, directing in separate ways. One of the sides is packed with numerous small bristles, located in two rows. The second side is described with long bristles, located separately to carry out lash combing. Thanks to the tiny spikes at the wand tip, you will be able to swipe mascara in any place.

6. Mascara Brush with Volumizing Feature

Here is a unique offer of a mascara brush. This small-bristled wand stands out with its pink shade. Due to the bristle flexibility, the mascara wand provides tidily painted lashes. Thanks to the bristles, which resemble hair, the mascara sticks to the fiber and then moves to the lashes sins causing a clumpy look. Thus, you will get full eye lashes with much volume.

7. Mascara with Amplifying Feature

Having an hourglass form and an inspiration of a human’s body, this mascara brush provides an amplified effect, creating an image of false eye lashes. Due to hourglass form, the brush sits closely on the lashes, making it easy for you to get to the roots. Sticking to three coats of mascara, you will achieve elongated and curled lashes. Thanks to the thin form of the wand, you may easily swipe mascara on your lash tops, staying away from smudges.

8. Mascara, Providing Fuller Looking Lashes

This mascara type helps you get fuller-looking lashes without making them look stiffy. Having a classic form, this exquisite brush is made of a wand-head of 360 degree, while the bristles are described to be flexible. Resembling a comb and having tiny bristles, this mascara may provide volume, making your lashes curly, as well.
Thus, the great job of creating luxurious lashes falls on the shape of the mascara brush. Consider all the types carefully and find the one, which is really striking for your eyes.