The History Of Jeans Everyone Needs to Know

Well, girls let’s accept that jeans are taken for granted in modern times. Moreover some of us think that denim clothing pieces exist since forever. Well not really. Although denimwear has a rich background it is mainly associated with the rise of the hippie movement in the 70’s. It should be noted that jeans brought revolution in fashion world bringing new perspective of development of fashion industry.

As a real fashionista you have to be well informed about everything old and new in the field. Whether you’re fashion lover and you’re always interesting in everything that somehow relates to fashion industry or you just want to explore the historical background of denim we have all the information that you need. So check out the history of your favorite jeans that you might like to know!

The History of the Evolution of Jeans

1853 has been marked in the history as the year of the birth of denim pants. Jeans were invented by Jacob Davis and promoted by Levi Strauss. So the birth of this clothing piece is linked with these two names. Later in the 1960 the first version of jeans was presented by Levi Strauss and was named ”blue pants”. Jeans by that time could be spotted worn by miners and cowboys probably due to their versatility and durability. It must be noted that in 1873 Levi Strauss officially launched the series of jeans with patents on. The very first label had the image of two riding horses on. According to our reliable sources this image was symbolizing the high quality and the strength that denim pants had.  In 1914 jeans were officially shown through the big screen thanks to actor William Hart. It is believed that the success of the actor marked the further path of the fashion item in the industry.



In 1918 Levi Strauss and Co. brings up the very first sample of denim pants for women, known in fashion history as ”Freedom Alls”. These denim pants were designed to be worn mainly during housework.  It was back in 1953 when actor and singer Bing Crosby appeared showing off a costume made of denim in a restaurant in Canada this way leaving a big impact on everyone and marking this year as a very special one in the history of fashion. Later in 1954 beauty icon and beloved star Marilyn Monroe introduced a new interesting approach of the style due to her stylish look in the movie ”River of No Return”. It should be noted that this was the first time when a woman was wearing tight jeans. So 1954 is another remarkable year in fashion world.

Denimwear and Hippies

As we’ve already mentioned jeans are mainly related to the movement of the hippies. Well that’s not accidental as the big Woodstock music festival had a big contribution in the success of the new fashion item.  In 1970 the punk and rock subcultures came with the trend of the super tight jeans that expanded throughout the world. In the 1980’s a new version of jeans was launched by the company and it was the so-called ”mom jeans”. One year later famous fashion label Calvin Klein brought into the spotlight a whole new line of jeans presented by a 15 year old teenager, Brooke Shields.

In 1985 Tommy Hilfiger came up with a new interpretation of the style presenting a whole line of extremely baggy jeans.

After all, in 2000 Time Magazine officially recognized Levi’s 501 jeans the “Fashion Item of the 20th Century.”

Today we see all kind of colors and styles of denimwear at the runway shows. In modern times we dare to say that jeans are on the top charts of the most-wanted fashion items and that’s not something to be surprised with as there’s nothing more comfortable and practical than a pair of stylish high quality jeans.