The Hottest Female Celebrity Hairstyles of 2015

As 2015 is about to draw to a close in three months, and summertime already making its way past us, we are going to list the hairstyles worn and made famous by celebrities. Lets take a look at the hottest hairstyle trends set by the hottest female celebrities.

Lily Collins, daughter of famous artist Phil Collins, decided to cut her shoulder length hair into a short pixie cut just before attending the Oscar’s after-party. She went ahead and posted her pictures with her new hairdo on Instagram before, throughout and after the party, with the trending hashtag #shortandlovingit.

Next up, Scarlett Johansson introduces Hollywood to her new hairstyle. A short assymetrical sweep, with blonde bangs coming down on one side, contrasting against her dark brown roots on the other, somehow Scar Jo manages to make the boyish haircut incredibly feminine and sexy.

Rose Byrn of the “X-Men First Class” and “Bridesmaid” fame showed up at “The Elephant Man” opening night with an ultra sleek Bob. While the Bob is in, Rose Byrn sports an A-line variation. Her showing set off a flame for YouTube tutorial videos showing how to get the locks as sleek and as stylish as Rose Byrn’s.

Speaking of YouTube tutorials, one actress that seems to have caught the attention of everybody, from young teens to older women, is Natalie Dormer. Back in 2014, she was selected for the role of Cressida for the third installment in The Hunger Games franchise titled “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” and required a shaved head. However Natalie Dormer got a shaved undercut and took the internet by storm, the shaved undercut managed to maintain Dormer’s femininity and is still buzzing a year later.

And finally we have Cara Delevigne, who recently nabbed a high profile role in the upcoming sure-fire blockbuster “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” as the Enchantress. The former model and now a full-time actress sported a long angled length, with snipped long strands at the end. The hairstyle definitely brings the bad-girl look to Cara.

Well you see the hottest female celebrity hairstyles of 2015. Those are the hottest trends for 2015 that might very well last into the fall and carry over next year into 2016, while some might flare out and finish. Whatever hairstyle you are looking to follow, make sure it matchess up well with your face type!