The Secret Of Hollywood Skinny with Home Remedies

Do you want to be Hollywood Skinny but you do not want to have to dump all kinds of cash into the pursuit of your skinny? Celebrities have money to burn, literally. They can easily drop thousands of dollars each week on getting skinny and looking skinny. Celebrities are people just like we are of course they are people with a ridiculous amount of money to waste which is not exactly like the rest of us. Melt away the fat so that they do not have to spend hours upon hours in the gym like the rest of us. Body wraps have been proven to give you that skinny look. Of course dressing skinny also helps. Below you will find some secret DIY Hollywood skinny tips including how to make your own fat burning wrap.

Before the Tips

Body wrapping does work. It will quickly take inches off your waist and thighs but you should know that it is a temporary fix. The wrap works by drawing out excess water weight from your body so it is important that you are well hydrated before you start your session. A body wrap will also detox your skin and pull out the impurities. Your skin will look smoother, younger and your cellulite will be minimized. You can easily shave off one or two inches with a body wrap. Try the DIY below and leave a comment about how it worked for you.

Here Is the DIY

You will need some tools for your DIY skinny wrap: 2-3 six inch Elastic Bandages with the metal clips to hold them in place; Plastic Wrap-go for a good quality brand; Small bowl for mixing ingredients; Sea Salt or Epsom Salt 8 oz. Water to drink; Coconut Oil; Organic Green Tea Bags (make sure they are caffeinated); Organic Cacao Powder; Your favorite essential oil.


Use the small bowl to mix all the ingredients. You have to cut open 3 of the green tea bags, you can use more if you want. Once you have everything together you can stand in the shower to slather it all on your belly, thighs or upper arms. Once you have rub the detoxing mixture in you will wrap your stomach, arms or thighs tightly (but not too tight) with the plastic wrap. Once you have the plastic wrap on you can wrap up again with the elastic bandages, again snug but not to the point where you cannot breath.

You will need a heat source, a heating pad works great. Lie down comfortably with a heating pad across your belly (never put a heating pad directly on the skin). Get comfy because you have about 2 hours to wait. After the time is up it is best to take it all off in the shower.

Repeat the above 2-3 times a week and you will see a noticeable difference after the first week. This is not a long term solution but it is a great way to get that skinny look for a night out!