The Secrets of Dressing Like a Trendsetter

Real fashionistas know the fun of choosing outfits for a daily look. In fact it has been proved in the past that the better a girl is dressed the more confident she feels. So the key to a good mood and a successful day lies in having the proper look. Of course working on the right combos requires some skills and knowledge about the latest fashion trends. Besides there are some basics that every girls needs to know in order to achieve the desired results. To help you with that we decided to reveal the secrets of dressing like a real trendsetter. So here’s what we’ve got for you!

1.  Be Aware of the Latest Fashion Trends

One of the most important things that a real fashionista needs to do is to remain well-informed about the latest fashion requirements. In fact to dictate your own style preferences you actually need to dare to take a step forward in the fashion world by showing off your own interpretations of the trendy looks of each season.

2.  Don’t Be Afraid of Experimenting

This is the only a way to develop your own signature look. You can either experiment with the new trends or say no to the latest fashion requirements showing off your own signature looks. So no matter what you shouldn’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns as that’s the only way to create the desired effects.

3.  Go Edgy Every Once in a While

One of the biggest fashion mistakes that most of us tend to make is sticking to monotone looks. You don’t want tolook boring. So feel free to wear edgy looks whenever you feel like it. The only thing that you have to consider is whether you’re not wearing ‘’too much’’ as you don’t want to end up with an overwhelming look. Also try one thing at a time, either go for bold colors or daring cuts or experiment with oversized accessories. Don’t try all at once.

4.  Be Eccentric

Although you don’t want to go too far sometimes betting on a daring style mix doesn’t bother. To rock an eccentric look you can either mix classic with sporty styles or mix girly styles with elegant chic for an eye-catching androgynous look. It’s up to your choices.

5.  Find Ways to Spice Up your Basics

Basics should be worn in a stylish way to allow you to show your taste in fashion. So you have to find your own ways to spice up your basics adding a touch of glamour to them in order to create a real runway look from a simply combo.

6.  Focus on Accessorizing

Accessories play an important role when it comes to styling a look. So depending on what kind of look you are looking forward to creating, choose the right accessories. Also always keep in mind that the key to success of a look is on balancing. So if your outfit screams attention then you might look for delicate pieces when it comes to accessorizing and vice versa.

7.  Mix and Match

Whether we’re speaking of trends, silhouettes or patterns the ‘’mix and match’’ is a great styling technique that always works. Moreover it’s one of the best ways to discover your talent in this field!

8.  Balance Old-School with Modern

You can always update classic looks with modern fashion ensembles. So why not try? Whether you do it with accessories or you actually decide to match two pieces of different styles one thing is sure, the results will be very impressive!

9.  Wear Classics when You Feel Like it

As we already mentioned a lot depends on how you feel in a certain outfit. So if you feel like going classy don’t put yourself under pressure but throw on a classic combo! After all the greatest thing about classic style is that it’s never out of trend!

10.  Enrich your Look with a Little Bit of Leather

A piece of leather will immediately transform your look to an edgy street style. So whether we’re speaking of a leather biker jacket or a pair of studded boots, adding a leather piece to a look is always a good idea.