These 7 Mistakes Will Tell You Why You Are Showering The Wrong Way

Trying to do the best for our hair we have tried everything and still not get the effects? You know that all these useful tips and advice work for everyone but it is hard for you? If so then probably you are making a mistake while you’re getting a shower. We didn’t even know that the simple mistakes could be causes of dryness and even damage your shiny hair and irritate your skin.
if you learn what mistakes you are doing and if you try to avoid them the effect will be noticeable. Below we have made a short list with the most common mistakes that you are already making. Look and enjoy in your shiny hair.

1. Taking Hot Showers:

Hot water actually weakens the skin barrier and dries out the skin by stripping the natural oils and increasing the generalized itching of the skin. Maintaining a warm or a tepid temperature while you are showering is what I would suggest for a healthy and glowing skin.


2. Showering For Too Long:

Many experts say that spending just about 10 minutes in the shower is more than enough. Long showers strip the moisture off your skin source

3. Using Body Washes That Give More Lather:

Surfactant is the chemical that is the main cause of lather; it attracts both water and oil. Consistent exposure of such ingredients to the skin makes it rough and dry.


4.Leaving Soap Over Your Body:

Heading out of the shower without rinsing the soap completely just happens almost all the time.


5. Washing Your Hair Daily:

Experts say that someone with thin and delicate hair must avoid shampooing frequently – twice a week is more than enough! And if you have curly hair, try shampooing once a week as natural curly hair takes a longer time to establish a good amount of natural oils.


6. Towel-Drying Roughly Instead Of Pat-Drying Gently:

To prevent your skin from drying off, gently pat dry your skin with a soft towel.


7. Not Replacing Your Puff:

After a shower, water evaporates from the skin quickly and leaves the skin dry. Immediately apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your body and restore your skin’s natural moisture levels.