Tips for Dressing Like a Stylish French Woman

When it comes to wearing stylish looks French women are definitely a source to be inspired from. Moreover there are many fashion trends that we owe to the talented French fashion retailers and that speaks about the good tasty in fashion that they have.  So it is not accidental that today most fashionistas tend to be dressed like French women. Moreover the phrase ”you look like you just arrived from Paris” sounds more like a compliment than anything else. Now considering that we decided to show you some style basics that are very typical of the French. So check out these easy tips for dressing like a real stylish French woman!

Don’t Bet on Quality but on Quality

Yes you have to slow down a little bit when it comes to shopping. It’s better to have a few but luxurious clothes than a whole closet of clothes that won’t last longer than a month. What French women pay attention to in the first place is the quality of the fabric. So their wardrobe might not be full of the latest approaches of a style but it always has timeless classy pieces of a high quality.

Note that Fit is Important

Take a look at any combo created by a French woman and you’ll see that all pieces look so put-together. Now you might wonder how they could managed to always rock a perfectly balanced look. The answer is one-fit is essential for the French. You always have to focus on your current complexion and not on the one that you’re dreaming or you used to have.

Be Picky

You’ll never see a French woman wearing all dressed in new season’s fashion trends. That’s too-much. French are very picky when it comes to wearing a new fashion trend which for once again proves their confidence and belief in their own style preferences.

The Key to Success is in Balance

You’ll never see a French woman combining a fancy dress with a complicated hairstyle, a bold makeup and eye-catching accessories. That is so not French. A French woman would try to keep her look perfectly balanced by combining no more than two bold styles together. Keeping it simple is very characteristic of the French style.

Have the Basics

According to French women having the basics assumes having all the necessary clothes. These include a good-quality jacket in navy or black, ballet flats, a classy black dress and denim. Also silk blouses, cashmere sweaters and a pair of  fancy stilettos wouldn’t bother either.

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