Tips for Getting Rid of Wrinkles Above The Lips

Emphasized vertical lines right above the lips seem to be the worst nightmare of each girl. Of course there are some factors that need to be marked as the main ones leading to such results. It is not accidental that women who spot these lines on the area above their lips appear to be either smokers or women who love drinking coffee or tea from straws. So these can be listed as the two main factors that cause such premature wrinkles and here we present the most effective tips for getting rid of wrinkles above the lips!

Well our trust-worthy experts decided to reveal the secret lying behind this beauty issue. Thus according to them the reason why this happens is because when you smoke or drink from a straw you stretch the muscles around your lips breaking the collagen and causing wrinkles. Note that wrinkles above the lips are also called ”smoker’s lines” due to the fact that statistically smokers are dominating on the list of women ”suffering” from this beauty issue.
Although it’s hard to give up the habit of drinking by a straw you can at least quit smoking. It’s not like the latter is the easiest thing to do but it comes with two advantages: you adopt a healthy lifestyle and you prevent the development of future wrinkles.



Now if you want to reduce the appearance of the lines around your lips you just have to stick with the easiest beauty technique! You have no idea what we refer to? Of course a good moisturizer! Thus include a good moisturizer in your makeup routine to keep the area well-hydrated and aid collagen repair processes. Additionally you can use an intense formula to help stimulate collagen production and get rid of the frustrating wrinkles that ruin your look.
According to experts of the field the best skin-care routine to stick with in this case includes the following actions:
Application of moisturizer each morning, and application of glycolic acid, followed by a vitamin C serum, (to boost collagen production), followed by moisturizer at the end of the day.

Note that in extreme cases when none of the above mentioned methods works you might need to consider getting a low-dose Botox done. Botox not only will make the existing lines look softer but also will prevent them from getting deeper and more noticeable.

Another option that you can go for in order to make wrinkles less noticeable is the one of injecting fillers. So you can also consider this option as it’s as effective as Botox.

Last but not least you can stick with the alternative of ablative lasers if you’re looking for a more intense treatment. This procedure assumes a laser treatment that’s aimed to qualitatively reduce the wrinkles on that area aiding the production of collagen which by the way is necessary for a smooth flawless skin. What’s the best about it? Only two appointments are enough to achieve tangible results!