Tips to Avoid Armpit Irritation

We all know how annoying it is to deal with after-shave/wax armpits irritation. Besides it’s not only the irritation of skin’s surface that concerns us but also the itchiness caused by all kind of deodorants but also the frustrating issue of ingrown hair. Well considering the importance of that beauty issue we decided to present a few tips that will help you to avoid armpit irritations. So  here’s what we’ve got for you!


Armpit skin is very sensitive that is why you should be very gentle when shaving that area. Avoid shaving repeatedly. Also consider using too much shaving cream in order to create a small distance between the razor and your skin. Another thing that you should do in order to prevent your skin from getting irritated is apply aloe Vera moisturizing cream afterwards or other nourishing formula.

Intense Exfoliating

We exfoliate the skin surface under arms very rarely. So most likely skin pores on that surface are clogged. To exfoliate that area properly we suggest using a brush similar to the one you’re using to exfoliate your facial skin. Also ensure you’re working on perfectly clean skin surface otherwise you might end up dealing with ingrown hair.

Soften Irritation

Usually deodorant is what causes irritation and itchiness. So if you have a sensitive skin you might consider using a light formula that does not contain too many chemicals. Wash your skin properly after shaving and shave at night before you sleep in order to give you skin some time to rest before applying deodorant. Opt for natural moisturizing products instead of chemicals because natural ingredients usually don’t come with the risk of side effects. Another easy trick to calm your skin is by applying ice cube directly on the surface to soothe and cool.

These were pretty much the basics that you need to know about your skincare routine. However there are also some specific details that you need to pay attention to. For example using a dull razor is one of the most common mistakes that usually we make. So especially when shaving that area try to avoid using an old razor as it is a big no for this case. Also you might consider wearing loose cotton clothes to prevent contact of the fabric with your skin. Another thing that you need to consider doing is switching beauty products with alcohol to alcohol free formulas to protect your skin from getting irritated.

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid doing to avoid armpit irritation it is time to reconsider your skin care regimen and switch up your skin care products to lighter and more natural formulas. Also using homemade remedies would be a good idea in this case.