Tips to Avoid Over-Exfoliating

It’s quite pleasant to have a soft skin like a baby just after the exfoliation process. You will end up with a shiny skin and achieve a gliding base for your moisturizing product, giving a chance to be perfectly soaked. In case you go on over-exfoliating, you will cause harm to your subtle skin, leading to flaking, as well. Thus, you will get the opposite result. Over-exfoliation means you are too hard and cruel to your skin when applying scrub. Over-exfoliation replaces the dead cells with the new ones, which is done too frequently, thus ending up with a skin irritation. Exfoliation is beneficial if you perform it only once weekly and treat your skin gently. Have a look at the best tips to avoid over-exfoliation.

1.  Opt for Chemical Exfoliant

Chemical exfoliant is a great option in case your skin is sensitive. Though it may seem rare, scrubbing is good for your skin. You may stick to cleansers and toners high in chemicals like AHA or BHA. Opting for a chemical treatment is beneficial for your skin, as well. Chemical exfoliant causes no irritation and diminishes acne of your skin. Consider that AHAs may be solved in water, while BHAs may be solved in oil. Thus, it means that AHAs are fabulous for dry types of skins, while BHAs get deeply into the pores of oily skin types.

2.  Gentle Peelers for Dead Cells

To avoid over-exfoliating, you should opt for chemical types of exfoliants, making sure they are mild and gentle. Being perfect peelers, they get rid of dead cells and replace them with new ones. These types of exfoliators appear in a gel form, which are applied on a dry type of skin and after sticking to it, get rid of dead cells.

3.  Stick to Mild Scrubbers

Konjac types of sponges are popular among the makeup stylists and many women. In this sense they may be compared with beauty blenders. Having a konjac plant origin, they have much in common with damp sponges, applied in the kitchen. Due to their gentle structure, konjac sponges may be applied when rinsing your face, taking away your makeup and dead cells. Taking into consideration the skin problem you deal with, go for charcoal-high scrubbers or experiment with green tea ones. Bear n your mind that scrubbers should be regularly changed.   

4.  Skip Applying Brushes

Though most women are fond of applying electric brushes, they are one of the skin-irritating tools you have ever faced. Having much in common with vibrating type of toothbrushes, they take away the annoying substance, adhering to your skin. The gentle type of brush is great for all skin types if you only apply it just once weekly. However, if you reach for rough option, you will definitely cause damage to your skin, giving rise to blemishes.   

Exfoliation is great and essential for your skin if done in moderation. To avoid over-exfoliation, you should take into account the most essential tips, posted above.