Tips to Prevent Split Hair Ends

Hair with split ends can be a girl’s worst nightmare. There are some factors that can affect hair and lead to having split ends. From the way you brush your hair to the amount of the hair products that you use there are many things for you to reconsider if you want to prevent split hair ends forever. Well to help you with that we decided to present a list of the most effective tips to prevent split hair ends. So here’s what we have for you!

Go Less than 100 Strokes

We were all used reading about how important is to brush hair 100 strokes a night. However that’s nothing but a myth. Moreover brushing your hair 100 strokes a night will actually loosen your hair and aid hair loss. So forget about the whole 100 strokes story and start brushing your hair as much as needed to detangle your hair.

Less Heat Style  



Although most of the trendiest hair styles require heat-styling high heat is bad for hair. The best you can do is give your hair a break every once in a while but letting it dry naturally and wearing a simple ponytail. Also it is a good idea to opt for ceramic or ion-enhanced heat tools if you heat-style your hair frequently as such styling tools are considered less damaging.

Opt For the Right Products

Dry hair tends to easily get tangled and damaged. So what you need to do first of all to prevent split hair ends is stick ensure you moisturize and condition your hair as much as needed. A weekly hair mask wouldn’t bother either. Also protective hair serums and oils are among the best solutions in this case.

Be Gentle to Wet Hair

Wet hair is very sensitive and gets easily damaged. So you have to be very gentle to wet hair. Never brush wet hair and never rub towel directly on hair when towel-drying it. Also to get smoother effects we suggest finishing your hair wash routine with a cold wash that will close your hair’s cuticle and help to maintain a clean look for quiet longer.

Choose the Right Pillowcase

The best you can do to your hair is sleep on silk or satin pillowcase as that way you’ll protect it from getting damaged. Now if for some reason you don’t like using silk pillowcases then you can just wrap your hair up in a silk scarf and sleep in that.

Get your Hair Trimmed Every Once in a While

Thus getting your hair trimmed every four or six weeks will also prevent split hair ends. So this is another thing that you need to consider adding to your hair care regime if you want to achieve and maintain the perfect hair.