To Fix Herself Up A Little

Coco Chanel said that women should not go outside without dolling up a little – if only out of courtesy. This very day they might meet their destiny. You have to be extraordinarily beautiful for your destiny.

1. How can you tell daily makeup from evening make up?

Basically the daily makeup is less and lighter, more unostentatious. It only underlines the features of the woman’s face, adding to her well-tended look and a sense of purity and loveliness.

2.Bright colors

They are usually unsuitable for daily makeup, except on a bright summer’s day. Red lipstick is not daily, unless you are a business lady, who wears only mascara and the Parisian red. Don’t put on electric green shadow under your eyes. They make you look as if you have blue hair. If you are going on the beach, you need more playful, summer makeup.

3.Special occasions and performances

You have to discern between scenic and everyday makeup. You don’t want to look like a doll in your daily round. This makeup is very tender, but it has glitter which we can not allow during the day, because it is noticed very easily. Our goal is not to strike the eye, but to just reveal the face’s subtle beauty.

4.What happens if you don’t wear make up?

Well, you look bad. As if you are ill-kept, depressed and have no desire to be noticed. The self-respecting woman feels discomfort when she is not wearing makeup in public places – as if she is walking around naked. In order to go even to the supermarket, you have to put at least a shade of lipstick on. There are pretty women, who don’t wear make up and look alright, but most women need their femininity underlined.

5.What makeup?

During the day we can use light foundation or colored cream, which can support the skin’s functions. If we have defects on the skin, we can use makeup corrector. If you have a very clear and beautiful skin, you can just apply some toning cream. Concerning colors – you can use one tone, that conforms with the clothes you wear, with light and shimmering lip gloss, or just mascara with colorful lipstick. Daily makeup looks more natural, tender and stylish. It makes you look feminine, not provocative and tasteless.

A self-respecting woman stands everyday in front of the mirror with true inspiration. Makeup is part of the delight of being yourself. All women in the world have the chance to manifest artistic abilities every day of their life. If you lend the perfect makeup to a woman, she will subdue the world. All women are pretty by default. They are pretty without make up, just because they are our mothers, sisters and girlfriends. But with makeup they are powerfully pretty! All the girls of the world love makeup since the day they got a polka dot skirt for the very first time. It can truly transform your day.