Tory Burch Cruise 2016 Collection

Ok fashion lovers it’s fact that the so expected summer season has finally arrived! So it is time to get informed about what’s new in the fashion world and what our beloved and very-talented fashion designers suggest wearingin summer. As you know a real fashionista plans everything from ahead and that is why we present the brand new line signed by Tory Burch, designed exclusively for the cruise 2016 season.

When the designed work is with excitement and inspiration, the result is much more satisfying! Take a look at the new Tory Burch cruise 2016 collection and let the facts prove us right. The aim of this new project organized by Tory Burch was to create a series of high quality fashion pieces with the sophistication of the West and we have to admit that she did succeed. As a result we have a series of gorgeous fashion pieces with the Western flair, designed with the very characteristic motifs, desert flowers and cacti. What we especially liked in the collection was a comfy bright-colored piece decorated with flower prints and hot pepper! We have to admit that this was a very creative way to fully reflect the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans. It should be noted that comfort and chic are what the designer bets on this time as all the pieces included in the new Tory Burch cruise 2016 collection stand out due to their effortlessness and elegance. Thus from delicate maxi dresses to adorable skirts and pants and blouses with  hand-painted effects and multi-colored graphic prints there is a whole line of high fashion ensembles especially designed for women who always dress to impress.

Another interesting fact about the new Tory Burch cruise 2016 collection is that aside from the rich cultural capital of the Southwest the beloved and very talented fashion designer seems to be inspired by the breathtaking art works of 19th-century Viennese designer Carl Auböck. In fact the workshops of the signature name still produce all kinds of goods for household.  As the designer said, she’s always been inspired by Auböck: “The way he takes commonplace utilitarian things and makes the most beautiful design, like a bottle opener or a glass and obviously beautiful furniture.”

Note that the Southwestern style can be spotted on woven knits and bajas as well as maxi dresses as most of the mentioned outfits are embellished with the very characteristic basketry motifs. The relaxed feminine look combined with the minimalistic masculine style shows a new very interesting interpretation of high fashion that we’re very excited to present.

As for the accessories the famous brand offers basket-inspired handbags among with fun jewelry all well thought to correspond with the context of the new fashion project.