Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 Campaign

Real fashionistas know that a passionate fashion designer never stops creating. Let’s accept that fashion industry is another field of art. So the more energy and love you use for the creation of a new line the better the results will be. That is why we’re not surprised to see the most breathtaking fashion lines introduced by our favorite fashion retailers all the time. Speaking of our beloved fashion designers we would like to have your attention to one of the most successful fashion names in the industry, Valentino and to be more specific his new pre-fall 2015 campaign.  It should be noted that for the promo of the new line launched by the label Valentino cooperates with talented photographer Michal Pudelka bringing into the spotlight attention drawing advertisements that attract with their bohemian vibe.

Ok, we would like to especially mention that Valentino’s pre-fall 2015 collection is all about dressy looks. Filled with all kinds of super cute gowns and fancy dresses this new line comes to prove that femininity has no limits. Note that the floral print is dominating in the new Valentino collection but this time the beloved and multitalented fashion designer decided to show a new way of wearing the so romantic print. Designed with a delicate sheer fabric mainly in dark sophisticated colors that create an intriguing atmosphere, all new fashion ensembles seem to be what a fashionista is looking for to express her interesting character.

As for the photoshooting done for the campaign, we have to admit that we love the creative idea of capturing the reflections of the models on the mirrors. This way the models not only show an impressive picture of the whole line but also reflect the philosophy of being different in a very artistic way that leaves a big impact on the audience. Moreover only the fact that the faces for the Valentino pre-fall 2015 collection are models Grace Hartzel, Ine Neefs and Maarjte Verhoef, presenting the most breathtaking outfits and embellishments signed by the label is enough for one to understand that we speak of high fashion.

Last but not least we would like to mention that we loved the idea of matching cute floral prints with colorful stripes, but we loved it the way Valentino did by matching floral dresses with striped handbags and clutches in order to create a harmonious style that won’t look overwhelming!