Versace Cruise 2016 Collection

Real fashionistas know that resort collections are what everyone’s attention is focused on now. We dare to say that in general resort collections for 2016 were pretty much in the same hues (with the classic black and white combo dominating). Well things change when we refer to the new line introduced by one of the most popular fashion retailers, Versace. The label this time decided to impress us by launching a new brightly colored collection that stands out due to its refreshing flair. Note that style-wise the new Versace cruise 2016 collection seems to be more of an athletic vibe as the designer presents a series of super cool, airy pieces that guarantee comfort and style.

It is worth mentioning that the Versace cruise 2016 collection comes to change the perception of high fashion. With the ‘90s flair and the sophistication of an active lifestyle this collection will definitely remain on top list of the most outstanding fashion lines of the next season. We admit that our beloved fashion designers never stop impressing us with their unlimited talent. Especially this case is when the reality exceeded our expectations. Thus we ended up enjoying a brand new line filled with unique fashion ensembles that scream attention.  Also we are very excited to mention that Versace experimented with blush tones, which by the way are going to be the new white for 2016 according to her. However it should be noted that the color wasn’t dominating in the line. In fact unlike the resort 2016 collections that we’ve referred to previously, Versace’s collection was filled with bright colors, playful designing styles and cute floral prints and that is what makes it so special. Also another part of the new collection that stole our attention from the first sight was the separate range of cool lingerie-inspired alternatives especially designed to present an interesting interpretation of effortless outfits.

After all one thing is sure, the new collection introduced by Versace is for fashionistas who always dress to impress! Starting from the colors ending with the prints chosen to enrich the new fashion ensembles everything proves that our beloved designer did a hard work to satisfy the most critical fashionistas and we have to say that once again she succeed.

Well, now that you know pretty much everything about the new Versace cruise 2016 collection,all that you need to do is start exploring the looks suggested by the signature name in order to see which combos you would rather go for and which you wouldn’t dare to wear in 2016! So why waste time? Have a look!