Victoria Beckham Cruise 2016 Collection

When it comes to high fashion stunning Victoria Beckham definitely is a celebrity to be inspired by. Working in the fashion industry since the Spice Girls split and having her eponymous label since 2008 the beautiful singer, songwriter and designer is considered one of the most influential style icons in the whole world. The key to success according to the beloved celeb is loving what you do. Well, living proof of that statement is the jaw-droppingly beautiful collections launched by her signature label. This time we would like to focus your attention on a brand new fashion project done by the talented fashion designer, the new Victoria Beckham cruise 2016 collection.

It is worth mentioning that gorgeous Victoria Beckham knows what a fashionista is expecting to see from a designer working on high fashion: “I feel like I know my customer now, what she wants from me.” In fact the celeb feels more confident than ever about her fashion project as paparazzi even captured her wearing a stylish combo from her new line during one of her trips. Note that the combo was an interesting mixture of the well-known androgynous style with the perfect match of tunic-and-trousers.

We have to admit that we’re always excited to see what our beloved fashion icon offers for each season and luckily the resort season of 2016 is all about comfort and effortlessness. Of course a modern woman knows that you can’t make it work without a pair of fashionable yet very practical jeans. Guess what! It turns out that Victoria Beckham considered that as well, as her new Victoria Beckham cruise 2016 collection also includes jeans made with high quality premium Japanese denim. Interestingly the new line launched by Victoria Beckham is all about asymmetrical cuts and designing styles. On the other hand loose, comfy styles were also used. Thus from practical jeans and comfy shirts to girly maxi dresses and classic combos with an elegant chic flair the new Victoria Beckham cruise 2016 line seems to be offering all types of outfits a woman needs to express her mood and style preferences.

As for the colors chosen for the new line signed by the talented celebrity we can say that from classic black and whites to soft nude tones and eye-catching bright hues there was a whole range of alternatives offered to fashionistas. So whether you prefer classic forms and soft hues or you love stealing the spotlight by appearing wearing an eye-catching combo, one thing is sure, the new Victoria Beckham cruise 2016 collection is what you need to check out to get an idea of what to wear and what not to in 2016!