What’s the Difference between Day and Night Moisturizers

Besides being described as one of the versatile products with anti-aging and skin soothing features, moisturizers are distinguished according to the time they are supposed to be used. If you are among those women who stick to the application of this product both in the morning and at night, may want to know the essential difference between them. You wonder whether it’s harmful to mix these products and use the night moisturizer during the day and vise versa.

The application of moisturizers is really beneficial for your skin but you shouldn’t forget to take into account the type of your skin. Though they don’t cause real changes to your skin, there is a must-know difference between day and night moisturizers.

Taking into consideration the type of your skin, you should choose the right day cream. In case your skin is oily, you should skip applying products, rich in oils. However, it’s not so easy to get a day moisturizer without an oily formula. There are products, which give your skin extra hydration and deliver special features to save your complexion.

Day moisturizers also differ in their consistency. As you take care of your skin with a moisturizer before wearing the makeup, you want to reach for something which has a blending feature and doesn’t cause death to your pores. Most of the moisturizers don’t make your skin look greasy and create a perfect base for your foundation.

One of the great differences between day and night moisturizers lies in the SPF level and color. Day moisturizers are high in sunscreen, which is designed to fight the dangerous UV rays. Night moisturizers are deprived of this formula, as there is no sun at night. Moreover, the chemicals may lead to irritation to some types of skins. When speaking about tinted moisturizing products, the color may give rise to irritation and annoying breakouts. Night moisturizers, being rich in color, act like a makeup and should be removed from the face altogether before going to bed.

Consider another difference between day and night moisturizers. Day moisturizing products are high in vitamins as well as antioxidants. While night moisturizers are rich in anti-aging features. There happens a cell renovation during your sleep and this product enhances the production of collagen due to its nourishing substances.

Consider that you should opt for a right moisturizing product when waking up in the morning and when going to bed at night, as there exists a crucial difference between day and night moisturizers.