Zac Posen Cruise 2016 Collection

While we think of taking a break and relaxing at the beach our beloved fashion designers plan their new collections for resort 2016. In fact most of them have already launched their new lines managing to steal the attention of media and fans! This time we would like to have your attention focused on Zac Posen and to be more specific on the brand new line launched by the signature name called Zac Posen cruise 2016 collection.

It is interesting how the interpretations of resort differ as we keep looking at the fashion lines of each designer. For Zac Posen, for example resort means comfy and relaxed. However starting from the color choice ending with the styles and the cuts we have to say that the new Zac Posen resort 2016 line stands out for offering a series of ultra-feminine fashion ensembles with a playful vibe that easily attracts attention emphasizing the confidence of successful modern woman.

The source of inspiration of the collection was the Zoot Suit style, which by the way was very popular in the ‘40s. Zoot suit was a high-waisted men’s suit, wide-legged and tight-cuffed, and if you take a look at the combos presented in the new Zac Posen cruise 2016 collection you’ll see how the best pieces in the collection reference the Zoot Suit. As we already mentioned the new line signed by the label comes with an emphasis on the soft, romantic side of feminine character. So it is not surprising that one of the main designing styles chosen to embellish the outfits is the super cute floral print. Of course certain dresses included in the line must be mentioned due to their unique forms and breathtaking dark hues. In this category we would like to especially mention an eye-catching long black dress that stole our attention from the first sight due to its abstract cuts and intriguing style.

Referring to the colors chosen for the new collection we have to say that the talented fashion designer seems to have put an emphasis on the symbolic meaning of the colors of the fabrics. As a result we have a series of alternatives in bright hues of the same color family on one hand and a wide range of ensembles in deep dark colors on the other hand, all chosen carefully to express well the undiscovered mystery of a woman’s allure.

Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand descriptions. So now that you have an idea about what’s Zac Posen cruise 2016 all about, it’s time to start looking through the new alternatives offered by the label to actually get the picture of the new line.